John Isaac Watters is an understated, determined and diverse songwriter who touches on country, folk and even a little gospel to make carefully crafted songs that drift to land somewhere between Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen. -LA WEEKLY

The folk/country crooner with grainy gravitas in his voice and a camp of incredibly talented musicians surrounding him.. His sincerity is always striking as he tenderly ushers you into the worlds he creates in each song.. The songs swing with the ease of a see-saw between dusty folk tunes and demented carnival stylings. Watters reaches into every corner of alt-country, spooky folk, and indie rock. His storytelling shines. -DELI MAG

John Isaac Watters sings as if he's just completed a marathon. One can practically hear the sweat dripping from his brow as his voice shakes, quivers and cracks as if these Southwestern ramblers are the most important thing in the world. -L.A. TIMES

"Isaac has a very unique voice and writing style, both of which I love. Judging from his storytelling, I'd wager he reads a fair bit! He's also surrounded by a circle of very talented musicians/singers such as Will Gramling, Alex Rhodes, Celeigh Chapman, and more."- Sheldon Gomberg, GRAMMY® Award Winning producer / engineer / bassist (Ben Harper, Warren Zevon, Ryan Adams) - UNKOVR.COM

There’s an endearing, shambolic quality to the folk music of John Isaac Watters — it’s as if his songs are just happening, complete with their vivid imagery, weeping dobro and pedal steel and wheezing organs. -BUZZ BANDS LA

John's loosely alt-indie-country-west-coast-maverick style appears inspired as much by contemporary Americana, Mexicana and even rock'n'roll as by Bay-Area-folk. His grained singing voice displays a shiveringly vulnerable intimacy and yet embodies a tender strength; one moment he's cracking up before your very ears, the next he's holding forth maniacally with an almost impossible confidence -FATEA RECORDS U.K.